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"I’m awful about your name. I still jump when I hear it. I still feel it rattling somewhere in my stomach. I think I’m jealous of anyone that gets to say it because it’s not my right anymore. Years from now I’ll be standing in a supermarket and someone will casually brush past me, your name falling from their mouth like confetti. I’ll drop everything that I’m holding. My knees will wobble in the way they only did when I was with you. Years from now I’ll still remember how your name tasted in my mouth and I’ll have to start missing you all over again."


(Source: 5000letters)

Getting Better


No matter how good you’re doing, how far you’ve come, you’ll have bad days where relapse, when the illness gets the best of you. It happens. It happened to me today.

But you’ve got to remember that overall, you’re doing better than you were before. That on average, you’re stronger.

A one day relapse, a two day relapse, or even a really bad week doesn’t mean all is lost. You just have to pull yourself up, and fight harder.

You can do it.


"i’m still laying on the ground
wondering if you’ll ever come back
I should probably
get the fuck up”